Break Away from Narratives and Discourses

It is the narratives and discourses, which makes the actual profile of your life, your mind and your ambitions.

You are never in the command. It is the discourse which you listen which directs your life. It is the narratives by others that makes contents of your talks. You do not realise that you do not understand, believe and accept, but you call all that you say as yours own. The narrative is formed by someone else, and you become the sounding board of that narrative. 

You are merely a body, a living entity, which is breathing. You have some intrinsic programmes already built into your system. You are breathing and living, and those programmes work their fixed course. The two dominant p are food and sex. You are a bundle of biochemical and neuro-snaps. The life activity is induced into you through breathing, the intrinsic programme workout their pre-fixed course. You cap it with a narrative which is given to you by a discourse while you are learning about yourself as a living organism. You are not aware of the intrinsic programmes, but you start swearing by your narratives and discourses. You create and form your discourses. Your discourses have their descriptions. You do not realise it. You find them real. You are then a frog in the well. Knowledge is unfathomable, but you are a limit in that borderless knowledge. But you define your existence through your narratives and discourses. Those discourses and narratives are not your creation. They were already there as the sky, air and sun around you. But you claim them to be your inventions and discoveries. The whole of this jumble makes you.   

When you begin to become aware of the scandalous intrigue framed on your brain and try to break away from it, then a writer is born. You are doing the same thing. You are creating discourse and building a narrative. As a writer, you are exploring a new something. You are aware of the delusions of thoughts and trying to give expressions to the criticism of those delusions that you become an author. You grip over the language helps you to communicate with the audience who are genuine readers. If you meet success, you communicate well. When you communicate, then you become an author.

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