Going for Google Play Books this time

I have launched my new book on books google. It is now available for purchase for ₹ 0/-. In other words, it is free to download. The Google Preview is also active.

The title is “World History – A Selective and Limited Content Series – One”.

The book is not presently available on Amazon and Kindle. I have not published it through Kindle Direct Publishing. All my earlier books were first published on Kindle Direct Publishing. However, this time I have picked Google Books.

It is apparent from the title of the book that it is a part of a series. I am soon going to publish the remaining part of the series very soon.

The publishing of the book on Google Play Books is a pleasant experience. However, it has to be recognized that the skills of changing a manuscript into a printable book format were acquired while working with Kindle Direct Publishing. Hence, the credit goes to KDP for imparting the skill.
Let me collect the finer points of Google Playbooks.

The pricing is a crucial aspect in self-publishing. In the case of Google Play Books, you can continue to sell your book free of cost for weeks together. You do not have to contact the Google people to make such changes. In the case of KDP, the free period is allowed only for five days for a slot of six months.

The second important aspect of pricing is that you can fix it at any amount. You want to sell your book for ₹1/-. One can do it. In the case of KDP, it is not there. In the case of KDP, your lowest price can only be ₹ 49/-. If it is reduced, then it is the prerogative of KDP.

Response Time:
The response time of Google is quick. They ask 24 hours. However, the changes happen in less one hour. For a writer, who is a self-Publishing author, this feature is really useful. A writer can not work by carrying the weight of a language of pending tasks. It acts as a dampener.
KDP people are also fast. However, in some cases, I had to follow them up for the required changes. One of the issues is still pending for the last six months.

Simpler Uploading:
The uploading process for Google Books is simple. No doubt, there are a bit hidden intricacies. Once, one has understood those intricacies; then it is a smooth ride.
The KDP uploading process is also simple. It passes through three stages. They claim that it will take less than 5 minutes to publish your book. However, that is not true. It takes time.

Real-Time Backup:
The Google chat feature is a commendable one, and the team behind it quite knowledgeable and intuitive. You can get real-time solutions from them.
In the case of KDP, you have to write them an email. You can talk to them on the phone on a real-time basis. However, there remains the problem of time zone difference. Secondly, I have never tried that channel.

On the whole, it is a pleasant experience with Google Books publishing. I have seen that they participate in getting to an effective display. Well, that is my view. It is another thing that I do not appreciate their e-marketing matrix under Adword programme. I have even doubted about the analytics which they present. However, presently, I am quite appreciative of their Google Play Books. Is it not?


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